'Parent Voice' is a termly meeting run by the senior leadership and governors of the school that provides parents and carers the opportunity to feedback on matters which you feel are important to the development of Park Mead in an open, informal environment that promotes constructively critical feedback.


Meetings are based around an agenda agreed prior to the event by senior leadership but also allow for free discussion. Agenda items can focus on any aspect of school development such as curriculum, behaviour, environment, events, policies and procedures, home/school communication etc. If you have a matter which you would like discussed as an agenda item at the next Parent Voice meeting please let the office know first hand or send an email to info@park-mead.surrey.sch.uk with the subject line 'Parent Voice'

Dates for the meetings will be made available to parents several weeks ahead of the meeting through the school calendar or Link newsletter. A Parentmail is sent to all parents the week before to outline the agreed agenda for the meeting.