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What is going on this week?   Week beginning 18th January



All our learning activities will be set on Seesaw this week. We also look forward to seeing lots of you on Teams for our daily stories.


If you would like to print off any of the worksheets for maths, scroll down to download them.



Spring Term 1


  • Writing to Entertain - Change tales

We will be continuing to use the Talk for Writing approach to teaching writing.

Grammar and punctuation is taught as part of the process of writing a story. Our focus for this unit of writing is including dialogue. We will be learning to tell our reader who is speaking, learning to use verbs other than said to report speech and also putting beginning a new line when the speaker changes. We will be looking at why we might use speech in our writing and what our choice of words can tell a reader about a character.

  • Non-negotiables: Every time the children write at school we ask them to make sure that they have put a full stop at the end of every sentence, that they have used capital letters to begin sentences and for names, that they have finger spaces between their words, and that they have used a question mark at the end of a question.  


 Read as much as you can at home. This website is a great source of free e-books:


Phonics and Spelling:

Spelling homework will be set on Spelling Shed each Tuesday linked to the spelling or phonics that the children have been learning that week. Our expectation is that the children will spend a minimum of 10 minutes playing Spelling Shed games at least 3 times per week. Please check the front of your child's reading record for their log in details.     

This week's spelling challenge: Click here to download and print              



We are following the White Rose maths curriculum and this week we will be starting a new topic - multiplication.

Maths homework is to practise number skills and arithmetic on Numbots. Once we begin learning our times tables in the Spring term, we also expect the children to use TT Rockstars to practise their tables.

White Rose Maths w/c 18th January

 18th January
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Useful Information

PE Days

Our PE lessons for the children in our keyworker provision are taking place on Tuesday and / or Wednesday. Please could the children wear trainers to school on these days along with their normal school uniform.




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