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 Welcome to the Year 2 page. Please take a look at our Year 2 Information PPT.

You will find more information about Year 2 in general and what is happening in the coming terms this year.


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Autumn Term 2

English:  As a school, we use Talk4Writing as a framework and all of the units are based on this. 

  • This half term we are linking our English to the topic of The Great fire of London. We will start by looking at poetry and then move on to learning a 'losing tale'  called 'Tom and the Violin. We will then build on the skills we are developing so that the children will complete the unit by writing their own fictional losing tale based around the Fire of London.                                                                                                       
      • In the later part of this half term, we will be working on our non-fiction writing. We will be writing a diary based around The fire of London and a recount of our trip to Cranleigh fire station.                                                                                                                                                                                             
      • Non-negotiables: Every time the children write, we ask them to make sure that they have put a full stop at the end of every sentence, that they have used capital letters to begin sentences and for names, that they have finger spaces between their words, and that they have used a question mark at the end of a question.  

      Reading, Phonics and Spelling :

      Phonics/spelling lessons happen every day. We will do this as a class and provide extra support for children that need it.

      Spelling homework is set every Friday on Spelling Shed. Please encourage your child to play at least three times a week for a short time until they can confidently spell their words on Extreme level.


      Practice reading sessions- In these lessons, the focus is largely on decoding, fluency and comprehension.

      The children will read independently and to an adult, within their group. It will be marked in their reading records that they have had a practice reading session with adult support on that day. They will read with adult support  2 - 3 times a week depending on the week.

      At this stage of the year, most children will be reading books matched to their current phonic knowledge. Once the children have read a book with their reading group at school, they will bring it home for further practice, along with an additional decodable book which will be changed weekly. Please help us to make sure that we can send home decodable books for all the children by returning both your child's reading books every Friday.

      Once the children are fluent readers, they will be reading longer books in school and will be able to independently change their home readers whenever they need to. Please continue to send their reading record book to school every day.

      We will endeavor to hear individual readers as often as possible. Children are assessed with their phonics and reading regularly throughout the year.

      Extra English support:

      Please take a look at these helpful questions to discuss with your child. They can be used when your child reads to you, when you read to your child or to prompt discussion about books your child is reading independently. 

      Reading question stems Picture

      - Free eBook library when you create a username and password.

      Maths: We will be following the  White Rose maths curriculum.

      This half term we will focus on addition and subtraction using numbers up to 100. This includes adding and subtracting 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers, then moving on to adding and subtracting 2 2-digit numbers to, or from, another 2 2-digit number. We will include not crossing 10 ones and crossing 10 ones and how to exchange to aid calculations. Children will also be learning their number bonds. They will use concrete apparatus such as base ten and number lines and also be learning how to show our working with drawing.


      We will be having 'Maths week' in November and we will be focusing on Time for this, and the following week. In year 2 we aim to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes.

      We will complete the half-term by revisiting and learning more about Geometry.

      We would also encourage your child to continue to use Numbots, My Maths to embed their learning further. Please speak to the team if you have any questions.


      Maths homework: Maths homework is to play on Numbots for 10 minutes, 3 times per week which will help to build fluency with number factsWe will also be setting weekly optional homework on My Maths, linked to the maths taught in class. Log-ins for Numbots and MyMaths will be in the front of your child's reading record.

      In the Spring term, we will introduce Times Tables Rockstars - children will be at varying levels of confidence with their tables and this program should allow them to progress at a level that is suitable for them once the initial test/assessment has been completed by your child.


      Homework will be set every Friday.  Logins will be stuck into your child's Reading Record.

      We would like the children to read at home at least 4- 5 times a week with an adult.


      Home Learning | Ashford Church of England Primary School           

      Numbots is an ongoing maths challenge programme, that supports children's mathematical knowledge and understanding. We would like children to extend their learning by using Numbots at least 3 times a week.

      MyMaths Logo         

      My Maths homework is set every Friday. Although they are not compulsory, we highly recommend children to have a go at these short, well presentd tasks, as the activities will support what we have been learning about in school that week in maths lessons.


      Spelling challenges is set every Friday on Spelling Shed.

      We would like children to use Spelling Shed at least 3 x a week.

      Science:   Uses of Everyday Materials Photo Cards (teacher made)

       Changing materials- we will learn about the uses of everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick, paper and cardboard. Children then go on to compare the suitability of different everyday materials for different purposes. They explore how objects made of some everyday materials can change shape and how the recycling process is able to reuse some everyday materials numerous times. 


      History focus - The Great fire of London Children will learn about The great fire of London. They will learn to be history detectives and this whole unit involves developing children's disciplinary knowledge of history through each lesson having a 'key question' to focus on. In particular, the opening session is heavily investigative and sets the tone for pupils working at history detectives throughout. Two new inquiries, which form key questions 4 and 5, look at the human impact of the event, an aspect often ignored.

      DT: Moving pictures- Children will make a fire of London moving picture involving sliders, pivots, and wheels.      

      RE: Parables, stories Jesus told. 

      Use Stop Animation program to design a game. 


      Me and My relationships


      The children have a weekly music lesson with our music specialist teacher, Mrs Bell, in the music room. Music

      Useful Information

      PE Days

      Our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure children come to school in their PE kit on these days.  


      Library Days

      We will be visiting the library to change books every Monday for 2CG and Wednesday for 2P. Books are issued for two weeks at a time but can be returned earlier. If your child wishes to keep a book for longer than two weeks, please send it in to school on a Wednesday so that it can be renewed.


      You can check which books your child currently has on loan along with the return dates on Reading Cloud. Log-in details are in the front of your child's reading record. If a book has got lost, we ask for a £5 contribution towards replacing the book. Please speak to your child's class teacher.

      Link to Reading Cloud:   


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