Welcome back to the Summer term!

Below, you will find some information about English, Maths and Science for the this term. There is also a list of helpful websites for each subject which will help children to keep learning while school is closed. You can also have a look at the Home Learning page, which will give you more ideas for useful learning activities.

Year 2

Mrs Batchelor


 Mrs Gilbertson


Mrs Burnham


 Mrs Puttock


Mrs Booth


Mrs Butler


Mrs Davies


Year 2 Home Learning


We will be setting two English and two maths activities on Seesaw each week as well as one spelling and one topic or science activity. The first English and maths task, and the Science or Topic tasks will go live on Monday morning. The second English and maths activity will be live on Wednesday morning and the spelling activity will go live on Friday morning.  We have loved seeing all the work you have completed so far and are enjoying providing you with feedback. You are also more than welcome to share photos, videos, notes, drawings etc of anything you have been getting up to at home. If you haven’t managed to login yet, please do so as this is an excellent way for us to keep in touch with you during this difficult time



  • Writing to Inform: Discussion Texts

Click on the links below to access the video and audio versions of our model text.

Do Lion Cubs Make Good Pets? Video

Do Lion Cubs Make Good Pets? Audio


  • Non-negotiables: Every time the children write at school we ask them to make sure that they have put a full stop at the end of every sentence, that they have used capital letters to begin sentences and for names, that they have finger spaces between their words, and that they have used a question mark at the end of a question. 


Reading and Writing:

Keep reading as many books, magazines and comics as you can. Oxford Owl is also a useful source of e-books which can be searched by reading level.

Oxford Owl  Free sign up needed

Author and Illustrator Masterclasses   If your children would like to write extra stories, there are lots of fantastic video masterclasses on the World Book Day website.

Authorfy  This is a fantastic site for keen readers and writers. There are lots of extracts from books, authors reading parts of their stories and writing challenges from many authors (including Jonny Duddle, author of The Pirates Next Door and Guy Bass who wrote Spynosaur.) You do have to sign up, but it is free.



Phonics / Spelling / Grammar:

Spellings for Friday 3rd July

Activities are on Seesaw and the lists are all available to practise on Spelling Shed. If you would like to print your spelling activity, click on the links below:

Mrs Burnham and Mrs Puttock's Groups: apostrophes of possession

Mrs Gilbertson's Group: ew words

Mrs Booth's Group: ie words 



The following websites are also useful for phonics and spelling practice.

Roy the Zebra

Mr Thorne Phonics You Tube Channel    Great for videos about the different sounds and spelling patterns

Phonics Bloom   Some good, free phonics games (others require a subscription)

Wordshake  An online Boggle type game, good for practicing spellings and noticing spelling patterns

Phonics Play  Some games are free, but others now require a subscription

BBC Home learning The BBC are producing daily lessons for year 2. T

Keep practising the Year 2 national curriculum spellings (Challenge Words on Spelling Shed). Click here for a downloadable list.



If you would like some extra handwriting practice, here are some letter formation activity sheets to print off, along with handwriting lined paper.

Handwriting Practise Activity Sheets

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We are following the White Rose maths home learning curriculum and the activities on Seesaw will either be White Rose activities or will cover the same learning. The BBC Bitesize home learning lessons are also linked to the White Rose maths and include extra resources you can use. We are setting two activities per week on Seesaw, but if you would like a maths activity every day, click the logos below to access the video lessons and resources.


         Daily lessons for homeschooling - BBC Bitesize

White Rose Maths w/c 6th July

 Week 11 capacity temp and time
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White Rose Maths w/c 29th June

 Week 10 Mass and Capacity
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There will also be two new lessons and activities set on My Maths each week. They will either be on the same topic as the White Rose lessons set on Seesaw or will be an opportunity to practice knowledge and skills that were taught earlier in the year.

In addition, keep playing Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots.

The links to all of these are available on the Parent Hub page and the children should have their log in details in their reading records and their home learning packs.

This document has some ideas for maths games that you can play at home. It includes links to the Maths 4 Kids You Tube channel, which has lots of videos explaining mathematical concepts and explanations for games you can play at home with simple equipment like playing cards and dice.

Telling the time, and playing with coins are also good ways to help your child with their maths while they are at home. By the end of Year 2, children should be able to tell the time to the quarter hour. They should be able to make amounts of money in different ways and have an understanding of giving change from small amounts of money.

The following links are to general maths games that will help the children to maintain their fluency with number facts.

Hit the Button

BBC Bitesize       

IXL year 2






At the moment, with a lot of their schoolwork being set online, many children are spending more time on their computers and tablets than they usually would. It could be a good opportunity to discuss e-safety with them, and if you would like to do this, the Think U Know website run by the National Crime Agency's CEOP command is producing weekly resources for parents to use with their children. We will add the weekly activities for 5-7 year olds here, which you can download:

If you would like to know more, click here for the Think U Know website. Thinkuknow

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