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Optional Summer Holiday Challenge Booklet can be found here

Weekly work set

 Each week we will set the same work as we have been doing for homework (all websites are accessible through the Parent Hub): 

TTRockstars (20 minutes minimum) 

Spelling Shed (All tasks set) 

Reading (5x 20 minutes) 

My Maths (All tasks set) Each activity has an adjoining lesson. Children have been told to complete the "Lesson" before completing the homework.

Guided Reading: Harry Potter 


Week commencing 6th July.

We're having a change up and completing a Lunar Theme Park project.

For those of you learning at home, here are the resources you need:

Lunar PowerPoint


Profit and Loss Worksheet

Running your theme park



Should you need them, we will provide you with the questions from the previous week's learning.

Week beginning 29th June coordinates and quadrants: Vimeo links.


 Activity 1 and answers

Activity 2 and answers

Activity 3 and answers

Activity 4 and answers


Science resources week beginning 6th July


Blood circulation diagram

Blood fact file

Other work that is available

Learning Logs (Click here to see the latest Learning Log tasks )

We will also be creating other activities on Seesaw to give the children variety of learning for different subjects. When the children log into Seesaw they will see announcements sent by teachers and activities we have set. 

These can be completed in Learning Logs (a photo can be taken and uploaded to Seesaw) on Seesaw itself or in another manner that can be filmed and put on Seesaw. 

We encourage the children to share all their learning with us, as we hope to be able to communicate back and forth with them and continue to support them with their learning. 

Daily exercise Joe Wicks The Body Coach will be streaming daily PE lessons at 9:00am each morning through his YouTube Channel  click on the "Subscribe" button to be informed when it is starting. 


Websites to help learning:             - Maths: 

                                                               - English: 

This will be added to as work is set. (Children will need to create a log in)


  • Explorify, If you are not familiar with Explorify it is a free and excellent resource that is produced by The Wellcome Trust. You do not have to be a Teacher to register to use it. Parents could do one Explorify activity a day with their children. Remember to mark each activity that you do as 'done' to unlock more activities.  
  • Reach Out Reporter, Reach Out Reporter is a free weekly science news programme for primary aged children. Parents could watch it each week with their children. The website has lots of suggestions for how to use the news bulletins to spark science conversations.


Apps that are free and useful:      Seesaw Class, Apple Clips, GarageBand, Keynotes, ThingLink, ibisPaint X, LbQ, Popplet,

                                                               AnimateAnything, Do Ink GreenScreen (All creations from these apps can be uploaded to Seesaw)


Access Reading Cloud, click here.  


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