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Year 6


Miss Bayne 



Mrs Berry


Mrs Barnes


Mrs Lewis

6B and 6BE

Mrs Hailey


Mrs Leighton


Mrs Gordon


Termly Curriculum Focus:

Geography: All around the World          - We will be looking at different areas around the world and focusing on the Amazon Rain-forest. This 

                                                                            will link to our English and we will also compare it to our local area. 

English:  Writing to inform                       - We will start the term discuss and writing a balanced argument about children's access to the internet

                                                                   (to link to PSHE: E-Saftey). Later in the first half of the term we will be writing a dual piece to                                                                                                                                                     persuade the public to protect the rainforests. In addition to this we will be studying a variety of                                                                                                                                             grammar techniques to control how our work is read. 

Maths:                                                           - Decimals, percentages, units of measure (including time), and areas and volume. 




Reading records and guided reading books (borrowed or from home) are expected to be in school every day. 

All homework is to be handed in/completed for Tuesdays. 

Every week:

TTRockstars                                         - 30 minutes every week 

Spelling homework                            - Look, cover, write, check plus full sentences to written in joined handwriting.

                                                               - Completing tasks on Spelling Shed 

Reading                                                - 15 minutes, 5 times a week. (If guided reading homework is set this is included in this reading not additional 

                                                                  reading) Children are  expected to record the pages they have read and a brief summary of their reading. 

Maths                                                   - This will alternate weekly between two different tasks, which children should spend no longer than 30 minutes completing:

                                                                             arithmetic books (children should hand in any sheets used for working out and complete required                                                                                                                                               corrections before moving on to the next page). 

                                                                             online activities these are linked to the previous week's learning and selected to reinforce their                                                                                                                                                     knowledge.  This differs from previous online homework: the work requires more written calculations so

                                                                            children have been advised to have paper for jottings while completing the work. 

All log ins for all homework are at the front of the children's reading record. 


 Every other week: 

Learning Logs                                       - Children will be able to select from a given list a task to research. They are required to complete one task each fortnight and over the term to                                                                       have completed a Learning Log from each selection. We will be looking  for evidence of research and use of prior knowledge, care taken over                                                                     the presentation and effort. 

                                                                   An electronic version of the task sheet can be found below. 

Websites to help:                              - Geography: 



                                                               - Maths: 

                                                               - English: 


If there is any difficulty assessing the only line homework, please make a note in your child's reading record. 


PE Days:                                               6B: Monday, Tuesday, Friday  6BE: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (dependent on the week)

Library Days:                                      Thursdays     To access Reading Cloud, click here.  

Other Days:                                     

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