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Year 5


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Termly Curriculum Focus:

Our Topic this term is Italy


Multiplication and Division -  Multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits. Dividing 4 digits by 1 digit with and without remainders.

Fractions  - equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers, sequences, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and finding fractions of an amount

Decimals and Percentages – decimals up to 2 decimal places, decimals as fractions, rounding decimals, ordering decimals, understanding percentages and percentages fractions and decimals and equivalent fraction, decimal, percentage.



Writing to entertain: Poetry, Short stories with a message.

Writing to inform or discuss: Biography of Michael Morpurgo, Film Reviews.



Spelling homework will be sent out on Thursdays and it is to be returned on Mondays.

Maths homework will be sent out on a Monday to be returned on a Thursday. Children should also regularly be practising their times tables.

Learning Logs will be sent out on a Friday and the children will have two weeks to complete them.


PE Days:

Monday and Wednesday - although we would like all children to have their PE kit in school all week.

Library Days: Tuesday afternoon   To access Reading Cloud, click here.       

Other Days: 

Tuesday 15th January – 5BE will be visiting Pizza Express as part of our Italy Topic

Tuesday 5th February – 5B will be visiting Pizza Express as part of our Italy Topic

Tuesday 26th March – Year 5 will be visiting Kew Gardens to support our science learning

Wednesday 3rd April – Year 5 play performance 9:15am

Thursday 4th April – Year 5 play performance 2pm


Monday 29th April – 5B to CYE 10am

Wednesday 1st May – 5BE to CYE 10am


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