Year 1


Welcome to Year 1.  We look forward to spending the next year with your child.  These first few weeks are focused on settling your child and ensuring we all get to know each other. 



Mrs Fisher


(Mon and Tues)


Mrs Walker 


(Wed - Fri)

Mrs Johnston



Mrs Bellman


returning 11th November

Mrs Horler 


Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tan


Teaching Assistant

Termly Curriculum Focus:

 This term our topic is 'Once Upon a Time'

To fully immerse the children in their learning we aim to link all curriculum areas to the topic.  In English we will study traditional stories and fairy tales.  In Science we will be looking at materials and making choices about the best material for our castle doors.   In Art the children will learn about drawing faces, producing self portraits for the Royal Gallery.

As part of the topic we will be visiting Windsor Castle on Thursday 28th November, you will receive a letter nearer the date.




Reading:  Daily (to adult),  10 minutes.   Read each book 3 times

Phonics Websites: Mr Thorne Network - Mr Thorne teaches the sounds with the help of Geraldine the Giraffe. interactive games for all phases of phonics. phonic games linked to all phases to reinforce learning. we use this site in school (through an educational subscription).  There are lots of free fun games to play. children can pick phonemes to spell and listen to their word using the sound buttons. word lists with sound buttons to quickly read the words and become familiar with spotting the digraphs and trigraphs. help the dragon catch the real words and fly under the bridge when the work is fake. link the children's learning to the correct phase and play the games to reinforce the sounds.

PE Days: Tuesday and Wednesday

Library Days:               To access Reading Cloud, click here.        

Other Days: 



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