Year 1

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Mrs Horler (TA)


Mrs T Booth (SNA)


Mrs S Booth (SNA)


Mrs Harris (TA)


Mrs Butler (SNA)


Mrs Puttock (SNA)


Termly Curriculum Focus:

 This term our topic is 'Home and Away'

To fully submerge the children in our topic we aim to link all curriculum areas to the theme.  In English we will study stories about homes and the countries we visit.  In Science we will be looking at different animals and were they live.  In History and Geography we study the local area and go further afield looking at China, Australia and Africa.  We will compare Cranleigh to the different locations and consider what is the same and how our lives may differ. 


As part of the topic we will have a WOW day looking at food and culture from the countries we have studied.  


Phonics Presentation for Parents:

Phonics screening parents presentation.ppt


Phonics:  Set Thursday, collected Wednesday

Reading:  Daily (to adult),  10 minutes.   Read each book 3 times

Phonics Websites: Mr Thorne Network - Mr Thorne teaches the sounds with the help of Geraldine the Giraffe. interactive games for all phases of phonics. phonic games linked to all phases to reinforce learning. we use this site in school (through an educational subscription).  There are lots of free fun games to play. children can pick phonemes to spell and listen to their word using the sound buttons. word lists with sound buttons to quickly read the words and become familiar with spotting the digraphs and trigraphs. help the dragon catch the real words and fly under the bridge when the work is fake. link the children's learning to the correct phase and play the games to reinforce the sounds.

PE Days: Monday/Tuesday and Thursday

Library Days: Tuesday               To access Reading Cloud, click here.        

Other Days: 

Monday 21st January - Cranleigh Walk

Friday 15th February - Half Term (1week)

Tuesday 12th March - Parents Evening 3.45-5.45

Tuesday 19th March - Parents Evening 5-7pm

Thursday 21st March - Parents Evening 3.45-5.45

Friday 5th April - End of term



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