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E-Safety encompasses the internet, mobile phones, games consoles and wireless technologies. It highlights the need to educate pupils about the benefits, risks and responsibility of using technology.

The School's E-Safety policy (which can be viewed HERE) reflects the need to raise awareness of the safety issues associated with all form of electronic communication. Staff at school are supported in the use of ICT as an essential tool for enhancing learning and in the embedding of e-safety across the curriculum.

At Park Mead we ensure that pupils are aware, through e-safety education, of the potential risks associated with the use of ICT, that all e-safety concerns will be dealt with sensitively and effectively and that pupils feel able and safe to report incidents.

How can I help my child?

1) Have regular open conversations about staying safe online. 

2) Makes sure they know the basics for keeping safe. Can you Child tell you the SMART rules (Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable, Tell)?. 

3) Explore their favourite apps and games together.

4) Involve them in setting rules and boundaries for online use. Set up parental controls across devices. 

5) Supervise use of devices.

6) Support your child when something goes wrong.

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