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Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 4! Each half term we will update this page with our topics, important dates and any other information you need. There are also lots of links to useful websites that are often used for homework. 


Our transition information and videos are still available towards the bottom of the page. 

Our PE days are:

4HE: Week 1 - Wednesday and Friday

          Week 2 - Monday and Wednesday

4HP: Week 1 - Tuesday and Friday

         Week 2 - Monday and Wednesday

Children should come to school in PE Kit on these days.

'Week 1' are those beginning- Monday 7th Sept, 21st Sept, 5th Oct and 19th Oct.

'Week 2' are those beginning- Monday 14th Sept, 28th Sept and 12th Oct.

We hope this information is helpful and we will update these dates after October Half-term.


Please hear your child read at least 3 times each week and record in their reading journal. 

Wednesday - Spelling and Maths homework set. Due in the following Monday. 

We will alternate between paper-based homework one week for both and online homework, using Spelling Shed and TTRockstars the next week.

Spelling Shed: there will be an online assignment set on alternate weeks. Please can your child complete five games. 


Important Dates

Anglo Saxon themed day! - Monday 16th November - we would love it if your child could dress up in the style of an Anglo Saxon! Please see attached ideas: Dressing Up Ideas




Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

Place Value 

  • number line to 10 000     
  • round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000       
  • count in 1000s     
  • count in 25s   
  • Roman numerals to 100   
  • partitioning   
  • find 1, 10, 100 or 1000 more or less     
  • compare and order numbers     
  • negative numbers

Addition and Subtraction

  • add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s   
  • add two 4-digit numbers with more than one exchange   
  • subtract two 4-digit numbers with more than one exchange   
  • efficient subtraction   
  • estimate answers     
  • checking strategies

Useful Homework Grid:  Maths Homework Grid Yr4.docx



 Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

Poetry - Senses and Similes. We will start with creative poetry which will form initial corridor displays. The children's poetry will eventually be placed in a book and will be on show during open evening.

Fiction - Beowulf (Defeating the Monster Tale)

Non-Fiction - Recount


  • Detailed descriptions, using paragraphs, nouns and pronouns
  • Expanded noun phrases, expressing time and cause using conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs and subordinate clauses 
  • Direct speech punctuation, commas after fronted adverbials and to mark subordinate clauses

Grammatical Terminology:  subordinate clause, pronoun, adverb and preposition

Class Novel:  Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo


Spelling Shed:   




Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

Switched On! - Electricity:

  • sorting electrical products according to their power source     
  • making and recording electrical circuits   
  • explaining how an electrical circuit works   
  • identifying and correcting problems with circuits     
  • design and make a switch
  • sort materials into conductors and insulators






Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

Anglo-Saxon History

Timeline - putting invasions and settlements into context,

Where the Anglo Saxons came from,

Locations of Saxon settlements, 


Village life and houses,





Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

 We will be looking at the works of Cezanne, Hepworth, Arp and Moore.

Still life sketching of 'spheres' including shadow.This is followed by watercolour 'still life' paintings inspired by Cezanne.

3D Sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth. These are made using 'new clay' and will be on display in the classrooms.


Y4 Transition    

It has been so lovely to have met so many of you at our transition days this week and we hope you have enjoyed them and are as excited as we are about September!

If you were unable to attend the sessions this week, there are some video links below, introducing your teachers and the powerpoint we showed with all the important information for Year 4. 

Meet your teachers! 4HP

Meet your teachers -4HE

Transition Information Part 1

Transition Information Part 2


 Below are links to useful websites to support your child's learning further. Don't forget there are lots more web links on the Parent Hub page.

 Reading: Oxford Owl     This is free to sign up and gives you access to many of the same reading books your child would read on                          the reading  scheme at school.

  Maths:  nrich      This site provides lots of challenge activities such as problem solving for children to really think about.

Science: This site regularly updates to provide home learning resources to support curriculum science topics. 

   Art: Each week the children's author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph uploads a draw-with-me video showing you how to

                                          draw all sorts of different characters. Click on the link to see all the videos he's uploaded so far and get creative!


    All subjects: There are lots of videos and activities covering many curriculum subjects and all ages.


   All subjects: There are home learning packs for Year 4 as well as hundreds of activities and powerpoints covering a                                                    huge variety of curriculum topics for all ages.





Library :

                    To access Reading Cloud, click here.       




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