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Spring 2


 On this page you find all our current topics along with many useful links to great educational websites. 

If your child needs to self-isolate, they will be able to access their class's learning through this web page. We will update this page at the start of every week. 

A reminder of drop-off and collections times: 

Drop-off: Jupiter & Saturn - 8.40am

               : Mars & Mercury - 8.55am

Collection: Jupiter & Saturn - 3.05pm

                 : Mars & Mercury - 3.20pm


PE days (Week 1 = 8th March & 22nd March and Week 2 = 15th March & 29th March)

Children will need to attend school in their PE kits on these days. 


Week 1: Tuesday & Friday

Week 2: Monday & Wednesday


Week 1: Wednesday and Friday 

Week 2 : Monday and Wednesday 


  • Please hear your child read at least 3 times each week and record in their reading journal.
  • Your child should try to play 5 games on Spelling Shed and play TTRockstars for 15mins two-three times weekly. 





Maths WB- 8.3.21:-

Monday:calculate fractions of a quantity: calculate fractions powerpoint.   

Tuesday:calculate quantities (fractions):calculate quantities powerpoint.

Wednesday: Recognise tenths and hundredths: recognise tenths and hundredths powerpoint

Thursday: Tenths as decimals:tenths and decimals powerpoint

Friday: Tenths on a place-value grid:tenths on a place value grid powerpoint


Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

          Number: Fractions

  • Tenths
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Number: Decimals
  • Recognise Tenths and hundredths
  • Tenths as Decimals
  • Placing tenths on a place value grid.
  • Placing tenths on a number line.
  • Divide 1and 2 digit numbers by 10
  • Using hundredths as decimals
  • Placing hundredths on a place value grid.
  • Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100. 

Useful Homework Grid:  Maths Homework Grid Yr4.docx


Extension Maths Activities for Home Learning

  • These activities are available for you to use as and when you wish, if your child would like an extra maths challenge! For many of the activities there are 3 levels from easiest to hardest. The answers are included and they can upload their work to Seesaw as we'd love to see how they get on! 

Count in Fractions

Count in fractions discussion

Add 2 or more fractions

Add fractions discussion

Subtract fractions

Subtract from whole amounts

Subtraction discussion

Calculate fractions of a quantity

Calculate fractions of a quantity discussion

Calculate quantities

Fractions Problem Solving  (This has many activities so should last several days).




Half Termly Curriculum Focus:

Poetry - 'Spell of the Air' ~ Elizabeth Jenkins

Fiction - 'Journey to Jo'Burg' by Beverley Naidoo

WB: 8.3.21 

Monday: use commas to mark subordinate clauses - Subordinating clauses powerpoint   -   Subordinating Clause Activity

Tuesday: use powerful verbs - Powerful Verbs power point    -   Powerful verbs activity

Wednesday: plan our suspense story using boxing up -   Boxing Up Power point   -    Boxing Up Plan

Thursday: write the first half of our suspense story - Writing our story power point

Friday: write the second half of our suspense story - Finishing our story power point


Below is the entire book 'Journey to Jo'Burg':

journey-to-joburg-chapter 1

journey-to-joburg-chapter 2

journey-to-joburg-chapters 3 + 4

journey-to-joburg-chapters 5 + 6

journey-to-joburg-chapters 7 - end

Non-Fiction - Biography: Nelson Mandela, 'Long Walk to Freedom'


  • use of second person
  • facts and statistics
  • adjectives

Grammatical Terminology:  subordinate clause, pronoun, adverb and preposition

Grammar Examples

Class Novel: The Boy Who Biked the World by Alistair Humphreys

Here is an online copy of First News! Check your teacher's announcement on Seesaw for the Education ID. 


Spelling Shed:     There will be assignments set each week on Spelling Shed.



Year 4 have joined a free library called Epic.

The books are online and free to read with thousands to choose from. There is an excellent collection of non-fiction books too including many on our Africa topic. Use the search bar and a keyword to help you find a particular book or subject. You can also access videos and audio books.

Click on the link for the Epic website.

Your class code can be found on your Seesaw page. 

Enjoy searching the thousands of books, the more books you read, the more badges you collect. 

Well Done to the children who have already started reading.



Science - Sound


  • understand different ways of making sound
  • investigate how sounds travel
  • explore how we can make instruments louder or quieter
  • understand how pitch can be changed
  • understand how the volume of a sound changes as the distance from the source increases
  • investigate how we can muffle sounds

WB: 8.3.21 

Investigate how sounds travel: Lesson 2 How do sounds travel power point  -  How your ears work video   -    Ear Diagram

Topic - Africa

This term our topic has a geography focus.  We will be learning about Africa:

  • Rivers
  • Rivers Congo and Zambezi
  • Mountains
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Kenya
  • Masaii People




Termly Curriculum Focus: African Art 

  • Create a sunset by blending paints together.
  • Add silhouettes to our sunset paintings.
  • Research and design an African mask
  • Use modelling techniques to create the mask
  • Paint your African mask
  • Create a close up painting of animal skin.
  • Design and create an African drum. 


            Religious Education

 Following on from the Five lessons on Buddhism during Home Learning, we will have two further lessons to complete this area of study in RE.

-What is life like inside a Buddhist monastery?

-Who is the Dalai Lama?

Below are links to useful websites to support your child's learning further. Don't forget there are lots more web links on the Parent Hub page.

 Reading: Oxford Owl     This is free to sign up and gives you access to many of the same reading books your child would read on                          the reading  scheme at school.

  Maths:  nrich      This site provides lots of challenge activities such as problem solving for children to really think about.

Science: This site regularly updates to provide home learning resources to support curriculum science topics. 

   Art: Each week the children's author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph uploads a draw-with-me video showing you how to

                                          draw all sorts of different characters. Click on the link to see all the videos he's uploaded so far and get creative!


    All subjects: There are lots of videos and activities covering many curriculum subjects and all ages.


   All subjects: There are home learning packs for Year 4 as well as hundreds of activities and Powerpoints covering a                                                    huge variety of curriculum topics for all ages.



Library :

                    To access Reading Cloud, click here.       




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