School Council


Meet the School Council for 2017-18

The children on the school council have been voted on by their peers.  The children had the chance to put themselves up for election and then state why they would make the best representative for the pupils of Park Mead.  The children below have an important job, they are the voice of all the pupils in the school.  Each half term they run a 'Pupil Voice' session which allows all pupils the chance to share ideas or concerns about school life.  These views are then brought to the council to discuss and vote upon the issues the children wish to pursue. 


Year 6 representatives for Year R and 1





Representatives for Year 2



Representatives for Year 3




Representatives for Year 4




Representatives for Year 5




Representatives for Year 6




Vice Chair

What have we done so far?

We have had an initial meeting to meet one another and look at the role of being a school council representative.  It was made clear that the children are representing all children in our school. We then voted on our Chair and Vice Chair for all future meetings.



Remember if you have any ideas or feedback about our school, come and see a member of the council.  As a community we are all shaping the future of Park Mead and every voice is important. 


Date of the next meeting - 



To look at the agenda and minutes from previous minutes please click on the documents below.


 School Council Agenda 8th November.docx

School Council 8th November minutes.docx

School Council Agenda 7th February.docx

School Council Minutes 7th February.docx

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 School Council Agenda 8th Feb 2017.docx

School Council Minutes 8th Feb 2017.docx

School Council Agenda 16th Nov 2016.docx

School Council minutes 16th Nov 2016.docx


School Council Agenda 13th October 2015

School Council Meeting 13th October 2015

School Council Action Meeting 4th November 2015

School Council Agenda 27th January 2016.docx

School Council Meeting 27th January 2016.docx

School Council Agenda 10 May 2016.docx

 School Council Meeting 10th may 2016.docx


Agenda for 5th November 

Minutes from the 5th November

Minutes from the 19th November

Agenda for 28th Jan

Minutes from 28th January 2015

 Agenda for 28th April

Minutes from 28th April 2015