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What is happening this week?

27th November - 1st December 2017


  • Topic: Our topic this half term is 'Italy'. We will be studying the geography of the country, including a focus on the Dolomite mountain range, part of the Alps. 
  • English: Our literacy focus over the coming weeks will be on persuasive writing. Year 5 have been producing their own persuasive advertisements over the last week based on their own product designs. We are now moving on to writing  persuasive letters, using the language features of persuasion to persuade Mr Clark to organise a Year 5 school trip to the Dolomites. 
  • Maths: This week we will be focussing on multiplication and division of integers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. The children will be confident in their understanding that when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 that the digits move place values to the left or right, depending on the calculation. Progression from this skill will lead us onto problem solving by using strategies for multiplying and dividing in this way. 
    • Science: We will be continuing our focus on the 
    • Curriculum Overview: Year 5 Curriculum Map


    Key Information:

    Library Days


    If the children need to change their book at other times during the week, please visit the library after school.

    PE/Games Days

    Week 1 - Tuesday & Friday. Week 2 -  Monday and Thursday.

    We expect your child to have their PE kits in school on these days including a planet t-shirt, shorts, trainers, plimsolls/trainers, socks (for girls wearing tights) and for the winter months jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt. All this needs to be named.

    Any children with earrings must be able to remove and replace these themselves for PE.

    Key Dates for the term


    Information on Homework:


    Mathematics homework will be set every even Wednesday (Week 2) and is due back in the following Monday.


    Please allow your child up to 30 minutes to complete as much of this homework as they can. If you needed to support them with any elements of it please jot as a note either on the homework or in their Reading Record – Home School Book.


    Children need to be practising their timestables weekly using the Times Tables Rock Stars website



    English/ Learning Logs

    Learning Logs are a creative way for the children to learn through personal research. These will be set over a two week period, set on a Friday. Guidance sheets detailing each new task will be given to the children.


    Please allow your child up to 30 minutes each week to complete as much of this homework as they can. If you needed to support them with any elements of it please make a note either on the homework or in your child's Reading Record – Home School Book.

     'Big Talk'

    ‘Talk’ homework will be set flexibly in preparation for our Big Write which will take place the next day.



    We will complete spelling activities in class that involve investigating spelling patterns, prefixes, suffixes, root words etc...


    The children are then set spelling homework on a Wednesday to continue with this practice. This homework is to be returned by the following Monday. 


    We would also like all children to read daily at home, either silently or to an adult. If you hear your child read, please encourage them to read fluently and with expression.


    Whether your child is silently reading or you are hearing your child read, we encourage you to ask them questions about their book to aid their understanding.


    Your child has a Reading Record – Home School Book which they need to be filling in daily once they have read. This could be a note of what they have read and or what they thought about what they have read. If you hear them read we ask you to write and make a comment in this book. Your child will need to ensure they have this book in school every day.

    Useful Websites:


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    BBC KS2 Bitesize


    BBC Website

    Woodlands History Zone


    BBC Science Clips




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