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What is happening this week?


Highlight of the week: 

French Week



Today’s journey went according to plan and we all boarded the ferry in good spirits.  The ferry provided us with lots of entertainment, which the children could choose to partake in.  The quiz was popular, as was the clown, but most of the children enjoyed each others’ company, playing games and talking.  We were the first school coach to leave the port (a few children succumbed to forty winks on the way to the Chateau) therefore arriving in time for a good tea. This was followed by a site tour, unpacking and then ‘Passport to the World’ game. The children answered questions, earned points to gain equipment to build a protective layer around a water balloon, which was thrown out of the window to see if it could remain intact. Excited for the week to come, they are now settling down for the night.


Tuesday Today we did our first activities in groups.  In the morning Mrs Brill’s and Mr Clark’s groups canoed down the Orne.   They all enjoyed the games and nearly everyone jumped in at the end.  Mrs Desmond’s group was the first group on the new tree climb.  According to the centre manager, who came to see how we enjoyed it, it is the second highest activity in PGL (the only higher one is in Scotland).  Mrs Brown’s group followed us (see pictures) and everyone in her group made it to the top so ‘chateau points’ all round!  Mrs Brown’s group started with the Sensory Trail, blindfolded they were led round the centre, including through a hedge, and into the muddy trail, which included a paddle maze and several muddy tunnels. Our group leader was really pleased with all the effort everyone put in.  As a reward, Mrs Brown’s group remained blindfolded and were challenged to identify their own shoe, by smelling it; everyone succeeded first time!

Wednesday  Another rainy day, after singing ‘The Lion King’ through, we arrived at Ferme de la Papiniere to be greeted by the farmer and his son. We were shown a range of animals from chickens to goats, all to be stroked or held. Lots of us enjoyed the apple jam and juice. We ran the farmer down to his last crate of juice. After lunch, half of us were canoeing. Mrs Brown sprayed nearly everyone with her Super Soaker, not that it made any difference as we were all wet from the rain already! Everyone else did Tree Climbing and a Sensory Trail. The evening was finished with a mini-Olympics and a diary writing session.   

Thursday morning and it was time for the Robin Hoods and Spidermen lurking inside us to come out.  Mrs Brown lost a chocolate bar, when Harry scored 3 bulls eyes in a row.  Virtually everyone abseiled down the wall and despite the rain we all enjoyed ourselves.


Thursday afternoon we visited a bakery, half of us made pain au chocolat and half of us made croissants. We then returned to the site to have tea, with it we were served garlic snails, which the vast majority of us tried.  PGL kindly gave us a birthday cake for the four birthday children of the week.  All the children enjoyed it, but the birthday children had the extra icing and sprinkles at the end!  To finish the week, disco outfits were unpacked and we had a boogie with the PGL staff.

The children have really enjoyed their week in France, we hope you have had a flavour of what they have experienced this week.

Key Information:

Library Days

6D Monday Week 1

6B Friday Week 1


If the children need to change their book at other times during the week, please visit the library after school.

PE/Games Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (depending on the fortnightly timetable)


We expect your child to have their PE kits in school on these days including a planet t-shirt, shorts, trainers, plimsolls/trainers and for the winter months jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt. All this needs to be named.





Information on Homework:


Mathematics homework will be set every Wednesday/Thursday and is due back in the following Tuesday.

Arithmetic book or ActiveLearn -  alternating over two weeks. 


Please allow your child up to 30 minutes to complete as much of this homework as they can. If you needed to support them with any elements of it please jot as a note either on the homework or in their Reading Record – Home School Book.



Children need to be practising their times tables weekly using Timestable Rockstars

20mins or earning 150 points - Every week


In Year 6 we expect children to know all their times tables, as well as the division derivates (e.g. 4 x 6 = 24 so 24 ÷ 6 = 4)



English homework will be set on Wednesday (in the form of a Learning Log) and is due back in a fortnight on a Monday


Please allow your child up to 1 hour each week to complete as much of this homework as they can. If you needed to support them with any elements of it please jot as a note either on the homework or in their Reading Record – Home School Book.

There will be a Learning Log Club after school on Wednesdays to help start and research. 




The children will be set spelling homework every Wednesday and is due in on Tuesday - please ensure your completes both sides.


We would also like all children to read daily at home, either silently or to an adult. If you hear your child read, please encourage them to read fluently and with expression.


Whether your child is silently reading or you are hearing your child to read, we encourage you to ask them questions about their book to aid their understanding.


Your child has a Reading Record – Home School Book which they need to be filling in daily once they have read. This could be a note of what they have read and or what they thought about what they have read. If you hear them read we ask you to write and make a comment in this book. Your child will need to ensure they have this book in school every day.


Chn will be asked to either complete a mini question task or a vocabulary task. 

Additionally your child may be asked to read for their next guided reading session, this can be part of their reading time. 


Useful Websites:


Woodlands Maths Zone


Woodlands Literacy Zone


BBC KS2 Bitesize


BBC Website


BBC Science Clips




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