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What is happening this week?

17th July 2017


  • We have a very exciting week planned for our last week of term.
  • Monday: Food Day
  • We will be learning about healthy food, where our food comes from and all about the different parts of plants that we eat. We will be handling different vegetables, making bread and also making and tasting healthy guacamole.
  • Tuesday: One World Day
  • We will be learning all about Antarctica. Brrr! 
  • Wednesday: Design and Technology Day
  • We will be designing and making moving bugmobiles (vehicles in the shape of minibeasts). We will be learning about wheels and axles so that our final designs will roll down a slope. If possible, please send your child in with a small box as a base for their vehicle (eggbox size is perfect.) Thank you.
  • Thursday: Art and Craft day
  • We are going to make garden themed mobiles to bring home.
  • Friday: End of term
  • We finish at 2.00pm. 
  • The Year 1 team wish you all a lovely, restful summer.
  •  Reading books will be collected in this week for the summer.
  • Useful information
  • PE will be on Tuesday (1M) and Thursday. We are doing our PE outside whenever possible this term. Please make sure your child has a pair of trainers or plimsolls that fit.
  • Library: will be on Thursday afternoon

Please take a look at the yearly overview for Year 1, this will give you an insight into the topics and curriculum areas your child will be covering.


Important Dates.


End of term

Friday 21st July at 2.00






Topic -

Home and Away


Your children have come back ready to learn and are back in their phonics groups for a daily session.  If you would like to support your child further in their phonic knowledge at home we would recommend the websites below or downloading the Twinkl phonics app that we use in class.

Phonics and spelling homework will be handed out on Friday and collected in the following Wednesday.

Numeracy tips

Try making maths a part of every day.  When in a car on a journey, what numbers can they see on number plates?  Can they think of one more or less than that number?  Can they say what 10 more or less than that number is?  

Ask your child to find the cost of two items from your shopping basket or trolley.  What coins could they use to pay?  Let them pay.

When walking up the stairs to bed or bath, ask your child to count back in 1s, 2s from 20 or count up in 2s, 5s or 10s.  Getting out of the bath or shower count down together.  

There are lots of ways of involving numeracy skills in everyday life, it need not be a chore. Have fun with it and the more they do it the better they will get.

Some useful websites for fun numeracy games:


Our reading books will be changed twice a week, on a Monday and a Wednesday.

We will be starting guided reading sessions each morning in Year 1. During the session your child will either be reading to the teacher, doing a basic comprehension on the text, a phonics based activity or reading independently.  We will write a comment to you each week once we have read with your child.  If we have parent helpers, they will still read with your child as an additional practice. 
We ask you to listen to your child read every day for about 10 minutes, encouraging them to use the phonics they have learned in school. 


Take a look at the document below, this will give you ideas of ways to help your child develop a love for reading.

Ways to help your child in reading.pdf

Our library day is Thursday.

The children will have the chance to choose a book to bring home and then will need to make sure it is in school to be returned the following Thursday.

Our P.E. days are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and Friday.  Please can you ensure that your child has their named P.E. kit in school every day.

It is worth checking their kit on a regular basis to make sure it is all in the bag and that their plimsolls still fit. 


Show and Tell will happen on alternate Thursdays, beginning on 15th September. Please ensure anything your child brings in links to our  topic and that they can talk about the item they bring in. However, we also welcome any achievements from outside school and would love to celebrate them with your child in class.


Water bottles: The children can bring named water bottles to school each day. Please fill the bottles with water, rather than juice or squash. Thank you.




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