The Starbook is reserved for children who have produced exceptional work or who have made a significant contribution to their class. This may be as a result of setting an excellent example.  Children are sent to Mr Clark who speaks with them about their work and presents them with a special Park Mead ‘Well Done’ sticker.  As a new entrant to the school, the first time they are nominated, their name is entered into the Starbook along with a brief explanation of their achievement.  During our Friday morning celebration assembly these children are invited to stand up in front of the school and receive congratulations and applause.  Following the first nomination, names will be read out after three further visits to the Headteacher.

Weeks ending 21 July 2017

Daisy Coles Brooke Mills Eleanor Reed Max Lowe
Skarlett Weiss-Frowde-Ayling Katie Large Ilse Bishop Poppy Fisher
  Amelie Stevens Harry Lancaster Anabel Dear Charlotte Hughes
Rowan Barrow Frankie Salvador William Brettt Robert Evans
  Charlie Branch Hannah Loveday Matthew Ford