Our School Aims


Our aim at Park Mead is for every child to fulfil their potential through fostering an outstanding learning environment which maximises: 

motivation, independence, enjoyment and challenge.

We aim to  

  • create a happy, stimulating and secure environment based on mutual respect in which all children can develop fully; intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively
  • provide a rich, diverse and balanced curriculum, accessible to all through effective planning, excellent teaching, stimulating activities and the use of high quality resources
  • empower all children to become enthusiastic, confident and independent lifelong learners, enabling them to become effective and responsible members of society
  • generate a caring yet disciplined atmosphere where expectations are high, success is celebrated and individual contributions valued
  • uphold the spiritual, moral and cultural values of the school community and promote a healthy lifestyle, encouraging children to reflect on the consequences of their actions
  • encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in their children’s education and develop positive working relationships with local schools and other agencies